We produce a wide variety of products to suit a diverse range of needs. Whatever your desired output or preferred consumption, we’ve got it covered.

Crude oil

Raw and full spectrum. We can process your flower into crude oil for you to refine.

Refined Oil

Let us clean the waxes, lipids and other impurities for you. We can refine your oil to any stage including carrier oil or emulsification.

Trusted product development

We’ve only scratched the surface of cannabis’ potential. But with our history as a Health Canada licensed producer, we continue to develop and create purposeful products for the individual, for you.

Let’s Collaborate


Customize your oils with a variety of carrier oils, concentrations, cannabinoid ratios and more.


Customize your capsules with a variety of capsule materials, concentrations, cannabinoid ratios and more.

Vape Cartridges

Full spectrum or distillate, flavourful or flavourless. The choice is yours.


From ingredient formulations to award-winning emulsion technology, Valens can help shape your beverage lines for success.

White Labeling

Leverage our expertise to develop your products. We offer full processing and packaging of ready-for-market oils.

Need help processing and packaging your products? Leave it to us. Our proprietary extraction process and very high standards guarantee consistent quality. In other words, we know what we’re doing.