The Valens Company Publishes Article in Health Europa’s Medical Cannabis Network – Issue 4

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The Valens Company has published an article in Issue 4 of Health Europa’s Medical Cannabis Network. The article focuses on the importance of edibles testing. 


As market share shifts from flower towards alternative formats, the cannabis industry – which is still in its legal infancy – is faced with the risks of growing too quickly. This article explores the need for product standardization and quality assurance in a challenging market.

Edibles and the body
Edibles take a different path in the body compared to cannabis that is smoked or consumed sublingually. This alternate route imparts unique effects on consumer experience, such as delayed onset, higher intensity, and longer duration. In addition to these product properties, the effects of edibles can vary by person, type of edible and by potency. The delayed effects, combined with inaccurate labelling and varying quality, can lead to dose stacking and unpredictable consumption.

Testing Challenges
Non-representative samples pose their own challenges in analytical testing, as edibles can vary in composition within a product and between products. The sample storage conditions and improper handling can also impact results. This highlights the need for laboratory testing from a trusted third party with established credibility, an important facet of our expertise at Valens Labs.

Lack of Standardization
The edibles market is not regulated by the same governing bodies as food and beverage. All cannabis products require testing prior to sale, but a lack of standardization and varied regulations make quality assurance difficult to manage. The Valens Company is committed to elevating cannabis testing and establishing a global standard of excellence.

Validation of Matrices
The top markets for edibles include brownies, gummies, and chocolate. Each category requires a representative sample, along with a consistent sample preparation protocol. Valens Labs offers a full suite of testing services, with customization for varying market requirements.

What Makes Valens Labs Unique
As an accredited lab, Valens Labs offers assurance that international standards will be met. In addition to our analytical testing services, our expertise in extraction, product development, white labelling, and continued dedication to R&D makes us the partner of choice for leading Canadian and international brands. Ultimately, Valens Labs is well-positioned to lead the international market in edibles testing.

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