The Valens Company Publishes Article in Health Europa’s Medical Cannabis Network – Issue 1

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The Valens Company has published an article in Issue 1 of Health Europa’s Medical Cannabis Network. The article describes The Valens Company’s story and a commitment to bringing out the best in cannabis.


With a commitment to safe and innovative cannabinoid-based products, Valens has become Canada’s largest third-party provider of cannabis services. This article explores Valens’ extraction offering and unique platform for global expansion. 

Understanding Extraction
Extraction is the process of pulling various compounds from cannabis or hemp plants using solvents, pressure, temperature and time. The result is a crude oil that can be further refined into consumer products, including capsules, tinctures, topicals, edibles, beverages, vape pens and more. 

Types of Extraction
There is no single-best method of extraction, as each type targets a unique flavor profile and experience best-suited for certain end-products. Valens offers the most diverse extraction platform in the industry, including CO2, Ethanol, Hydrocarbon, Solventless and Terpene extraction.

Art Meets Science
Extraction is not a new concept and we’ve come a long way in understanding the compounds involved. However, creating a high-quality, purified oil rich in targeted compounds requires a combination of training and creative adaptability. Skilled technicians are invaluable to the process, along with an active R&D department that’s dedicated to innovation and industry progression. 

The Future of Oil-Based Products
As a Centre of Excellence in Plant-Based Science, Valens is committed to developing a global standard of excellence for cannabis testing. Meeting and exceeding government regulations across the globe, Valens offers extracted products that are safe in production and consumption. 

SoRSE Technology
US data sales show a significant increase in the popularity of oil-based products in recent years. Ingestible products are one of the largest areas of growth, which bring their own set of challenges as they are processed differently in the body. 

To meet this need, Valens has secured exclusive rights to SoRSE emulsion technology in Canada and various international markets. This technology blends cannabis oil seamlessly with water, allowing for its integration into virtually any consumable product. Along with promoting a safe and positive consumer experience, the applications are limitless.

The Valens Advantage
Valens continues to drive the cannabis industry towards a bright, exciting future. Leveraging its proprietary technologies and intellectual property in extraction, processing, and formulation, Valens offers a comprehensive solution for partners worldwide. In a rapidly growing and changing consumer environment, Valens stands in a league of its own.

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