The Valens Company Publishes Article in Health Europa Quarterly – Issue 16

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The Valens Company has published an article in Issue 16 of Health Europa Quarterly. The article focuses on The Future of CBD Wellness Products. 


The CBD Wellness space is growing rapidly, with a future looking promising for businesses hoping to tap into it. Beyond the demand for traditional CBD-forward cannabis products, The Valens Company is actively engaged in the development of wellness-focused solutions. This article explores CBD as a whole, its integration into wellness products, and upcoming areas with great product potential. 

The Market for CBD & Wellness
The global market for CBD is forecasted to reach $23.6 billion in revenue by 2025. By 2028, CBD products could account for over 0.15% of the total health and wellness market. Through technological advancements and product innovation, the possibilities of integrating CBD into wellness are essentially limitless.

Why CBD?
CBD continues to stand out for its therapeutic potential. There are significant differences between CBD oil by source and concentration, highlighting the need for regulation in labelling and testing. Increased consumer education and company transparency will go far in securing CBD’s place in the wellness industry.  

CBD Integration
Immiscibility is a hurdle that must be overcome for incorporating CBD into wellness products. SōRSE by Valens is an advanced emulsion technology that gives partners the ability to transform any CBD oil into a water-soluble emulsion. Shelf-stable for up to 12 months, and available in liquid, powder, or agglomerated powder formats, this innovation allows for the seamless integration of CBD into virtually any product.

Areas of Product Potential

  • Ingestibles – CBD gummies, brownies, chocolates, beverages, drink drops and gel-capsule supplements.
  • Topicals – lotions, creams, balms, and sprays.
  • Personal Care Products – bath bombs, body rubs, massage oils, and intimate products.
  • Inhalation and vaporisers – numerous hardware options, including universal cartridges and disposable units.

B2B Partnerships & Trust
Not all CBD products are created equal. A lack of requirement for validated testing has left space in the market for insufficiently tested products. Valens Labs is an analytical testing facility that is entirely dedicated to quality control. Through best-in-class extraction and analytical testing, partners can trust that their products will be compliant with regulations and free of contaminants or fillers.

With legislation moving towards regulations and guidance, the demand for CBD products in wellness will continue to expand. By providing a one-stop shop business model, wellness companies are able to take advantage of Valens’s extensive experience in cannabinoid-based science and technology. When it comes to formulation, product development, white labelling and custom manufacturing, Valens offers a full range of services that can meet the needs of the growing wellness industry.

Read the full article on “The Future of CBD Wellness Products” in Issue 16 of Health Europa Quarterly here.