The Valens Company brings the most diverse range of cannabis products to the market. Download our catalogue to see our full suite of products and services.


We provide custom manufacturing, cannabis processing, formulation, product development and testing services to help licensed producers get the most from their plants.

High capacity,
higher standards,
highest quality.

With Health Canada Licensing secured and EU GMP Certification coming soon, you’ll never have to think twice about quality or consistency. We deliver the highest calibre oils on time, every time.

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Health Canada logo with Canadian flag, highlighting that Valens Agritech and Labs are Health Canada certified
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Extract with us.

If you’re a licensed producer, let Valens do the heavy lifting to turn your plants into exceptional extracts. We’ll take care of production so you can focus on selling.

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3 Services

Rich brown raw unrefined oil drops on white background

Crude Oil

Raw and unrefined. Processing your flower into crude oil for edibles or further refinement.

pale yellow drops of refined cannabis oil

Refined Oil

No further work required. Processing and distilling your flower into a variety of ready-for-market oils.

Dropper bottle without labels to highlight our white labeling offering for cannabis extracts

White Labeling

Leverage our expertise to develop your products. Full processing and packaging of ready-for-market oils.

Take it one step further with SōRSE Emulsion Technology


Our facility,
your security.

Our 25,000ft² extraction and R&D plant is built Level 10 security. Our experienced team takes extreme care to ensure your products remain secure and pure.

Unparalleled processes.

The refining process should elevate, not diminish the product. Our customized methods ensure your end product retains the valuable complexity of compounds responsible for the spectrum of desired effects.

Valens Extraction Tools including a tube, oil dropper blue bottles, a sieve, and a pot full of crude brown oil

Product versatility.

The highly versatile oils that we produce have a variety of uses based on medical and/or recreational needs, and even consumption preferences. Product possibilities include customized cannabis oils and derivatives ready for the creation of vaporizer cartridges, edibles, drinkables, tinctures, and topicals, to name a few.

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Advancing the industry through R&D.

Our extraction centre doubles as a research and development facility. This allows Valens to better understand Cannabis and its benefits while creating purposeful products.

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For more information on our how extraction services can work for you, please contact Anderson.
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